Thursday, October 05, 2006

Personal Studies

Currently in my studies, I'm trying to read through Grudem's Systematic Theology. So far it has been an encouraging read. However, in order to learn more, I have decided that it would be beneficial for me to write about what I've learned in the chapters/sections that I've read.

So, here I go!!!

Since I've waited too long to write about the first several chapters of the book, I'm going to simply quote my personal highlights from my reading. By the way, this all is on the Doctrine of the Word of God

"'You shall not add to the word which I command you, nor take from it...' (Deut. 4:2; cf. 12:32). In order to have disobeyed such a specific command, Joshua must have been convinced that he was not taking it upon himself to add to the written words of God, but that God himself had authorized such additional writing" (p. 55).

- I don't know about you, but I've never thought about this point. No wonder there were so many Jews that just believed in the Torah! Also, one question comes to mind. How do we then know that there is going to be NOTHING added to the Scriptures after Revelation since the wording of Revelation is basically the same as this? Just asking for us to think. :)

"Even in Peter's statement just quoted, the context is an appeal to the teachings of Paul's letter, which Peter's readers had read and understood (2 Peter 3:15). In fact, Peter assigns some moral blame to those who twist these passages 'to their own destruction.' And he does not say that there are things impossible to understand, but only difficult to understand" (p. 105).

- The reason I love this point so much is that it shows that just because it's "difficult" doesn't mean it isn't necessary. We need to be giving ourselves to the study of the Word! And sometimes (if not many), it is difficult. But, if we're pursuing God rightly, it's a delightful task.

"Instead, whether he is speaking to scholars or untrained common people, his responses always assume that the blame for misunderstanding any teaching of Scripture is not to be placed on the Scriptures themselves, but on those who misunderstand or fail to accept what is written" (p. 106).

- So, these "difficult things" can be understood by the "common people"?! YES! For anything spiritual can only be understood by the SPIRIT! The Scriptures are clear. We're the ones with sin.

"To neglect regular reading of God's Word is as detrimental to the health of our souls as the neglect of physical food is detrimental to the health of our bodies" (p. 118).

- Ah, the stab of gracious conviction.

With this, I will end my post. There are a lot of quotes here. I hope they're at least somewhat beneficial to you. Thanks for reading.

Have a blessed day.


GCS said...

I thought that, generally, the reason that people don't understand/"get" anything from the Scriptures is because Gos doesn't reveal it to them, but with this commentary it seems to me that the reason really lies with the person himself.
I've not really thought of it like that before, and I hope that you'll really explain it to us/me more (in person is definitely fine too).
ALTHOUGH, I DO believe that there are definitely times in which God chooses not to reaveal the Scripture to people. AND people can't just say that because they aren't learning anyhting from their studies that God is keeping them from learning. I think that God chooses to reveal the Word to those who really want to get a closer realtionship with Him through their study of the Word.

PT2 said...


That's true that they don't get it because God doesn't reveal it to them. But, they are also responsible. They can't blame God for not understanding the Scriptures. The only person they can blame is their sinful self.

So, if we're putting blame for something - it's on the individual because they're sinners.

I hope that makes sense.

AgapeTheologian said...

"How do we then know that there is going to be NOTHING added to the Scriptures after Revelation since the wording of Revelation is basically the same as this? Just asking for us to think. :)"

I believe Grudem answers this questions in the book you are reading. Actually, I know it's in there, you should be getting close to that section. I've read that part when my beleifs were shaken. It was hard for me to believe in the Bible. But I had a few good people, help me and proove to me that it really is God's word.

But I will comment again in a later time...

In Prayers,


PT2 said...

I know Grudem answers that question, but I don't think he answers it as sufficiently as possible (or as I would prefer)....

GCS said...

So, if you don't think that Grudem answers it as sufficiently as possible, then please post what you think is the truth concerning this question - "Will there be more added to scripture after [possibly(the beginning events of)] Revelation take(s) place?

PT2 said...

Grudem answers it okay. However, he basically says that it's a secondary assumption to say that Revelation is the final book to be in the canon.

My question is, "Do you think there could be more inspired writings in the tribulation?" When God's hand will be more actively seen in judgment.

GCS said...

Obviously there COULD be. But I personally have to say that I don't think that there'll be a point to do so. The reason being that during the tribulation I think that people both in Heaven and on Earth will know pretty much what is going on, and that they'll not need any addition to the Bible.

Why would God have more inspired teachings if God's hand will be more actively and clearly seen in the judgment. People in Heaven will, I believe, see what's going on on earth, and the people on earth will not need to know what's going to happen if either they're going to Hell or Heaven - in Hell, where they'll be tormented, I don't think that they'd really be caring too much about what's going to happen, and in Heaven God can just tell them what's going to happen without having to write it out for them to read.

I hope that I've made sense and stuff, but really, what I've said is just my opinion and I don't really have any Biblical evidence to back it up. If you think that I'm wrong, PLEASE tell me and present your point. (I would like to be as accurate as possible)

PT2 said...


I think that there COULD be an addition to the Word during the end times because we don't know everything that's going to happen then.

See, you say that Christians will know what's going on; however, my question back is, "Did the Jews know what was going on when Jesus came to the earth?" Actually, they didn't understand it, but prophecy pointed to Jesus.

Also, there will be prophets in the end times; so, there seems to be a need for people communicating God's truth around the world in the end. So, why not have written word, too?

Just some thoughts.

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