Monday, October 02, 2006

Regeneration Precedes Faith

Well, I preached last night on Romans 10. I must admit that I was disappointed with my presentation; however, it has spurred on some good conversations, and I trust that the Lord will use it for His glory.

On another note, I found the following on another person's BLOG. I thought it would be helpful considering some conversations I've had on this blog in regards to regeneration....

"We can no more assist the Holy Spirit in the quickening of our souls to spiritual life than Lazarus could help Jesus raise him from the dead."
- R.C. Sproul

Were you born again because of your faith? Or did you have faith because you were born again? Before you answer, read JOHN 3 carefully and then read THIS ESSAY by R.C. Sproul.


Josh said...

I was at MBBC 1998-2002.

AgapeTheologian said...


It's kinda funny that we both switched our blogs to the exact same thing. I thought yours was differnt, but since we ARE related, it's ok.

Even though your sermon didn't come off as your best, hopefully you will use it as a learning experience. Depend on God! I will want to read on regeneration in a later time. But it does interest me!

In Prayers,


G. Calvinist S. said...

I personally thought that your message went quite well, and that you were clear and understandable. I definitely believe that God needs to give you a regenerative spirit before you can believe in Him. The reason being that a spiritually dead person cannot raise himself from his dead postion so as to be able accept God's salvaion. Thank you for both the quick reference to John 3 and also the R.C. Sproul quotation. I hope that this gets some attention and, and that it helps bring some light to the subject, and also that it will help people to really think through their beliefs.

Jonathan Moorhead said...

Of course regeneration precedes faith!

Gage Browning said...

I like the new digs on the blog... looks good.

A dead man can't see his way out of the grave. A dead man can't see his need for getting out of the grave. A dead man can't see a person who tries to get him out of the grave. A dead man only sees when he has been brought from death to life. That's regeneration. And it has to precede faith, "For the natural man discerneth not the things of the Spirit for they are spiritually discerned."

AspiringTheologian said...

What!? Don't you guys know that Lazarus wasn't dead, he was just faking? It was all a conspiracy to get Calvinism started in the early church!


Regeneration precedes faith in my opinion.

Check out my latest post on my blog though to see that not everyone agrees...

God bless,

A. Shepherd
The Aspiring Theologian

Barbara said...

O.K. so you were disappointed in your presentation - I know this will sound bad but...good..because it is all about God...and He uses our imperfections for His perfect will and glory.
Wow, are you actually related to that agape guy?....that is so cool. Who would of known! (:

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