Monday, September 22, 2008

The Very Human Jesus

I must say that the message I preached yesterday probably received the most responses of any message I've ever preached.  Honestly, it was the power of God and the moving of the Holy Spirit because last week was busy, I haven't preached a topical message like that since I was in my pulpit speech class in college and I didn't feel all that comfortable with it (at least in the 1st service).

Although many people want to thank me for allowing God to work through me, I must give honor to my wife.  The statement is true that behind every great man is an even greater woman.  I believe that's true and I want to thank her for at least a couple of ways she ministered grace to me.

  1. I had a very busy week with sermon preparation and also organizing and leading the largest youth event we have in the year.  She graciously took on more in the home while I spent time preparing for these things. 
  2. There was at least one part in my sermon that was really challenging.  While debating whether or not to say that, and maybe one or two other things (because of fear of man), Tracy said, "Well, is it true?!"  Those comments she made really encouraged me and pointed me towards the truth!
Regarding the message itself, I'm thankful to God for Jesus coming as a man.  I'm thankful for the truths that come out Jesus' humanity!  I hope that you take time to study his humanity.  Some good reads on this topic: "Systematic Theology" by Grudem, "Vintage Jesus" by Driscoll, "The Incomparable Christ" by Sanders and last, but most importantly, the Bible! :) 

Thanks to all who encouraged me regarding the message.  I really appreciate it.  It's my joy and to God be the glory!

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Gwendolyn U. said...

Was the thing you debated saying what I argued with you about? ;)