Saturday, January 13, 2007

New Attitude Conference

I can't wait for this conference! If you're single or you are a young married individual, you need to consider going to this! Take about three minutes to watch the video below (


natamllc said...


a powerful production I admit.

I heard Truth by the speaker all throught the promotion of the conference.

My problem with this is what it says.

For instance, where in the Bible other than in Jesus actual day do we see this kind of a gathering to set things in order in a young person's life or a young married couple's life?

The gatherings we read about like this maybe could be during Moses Day when 3 million souls WHO ALREADY WERE RELIGIOUS were being mobilized by the HAND OF GOD to come back into HIS PROMISE promised to Abraham.

There were a few other times in history when we see mass movements of God's people like that; however they were being taken into captivity.

During various epochs in history after Christ's death, burial and resurrection we see massive human events, before WW2, after and that era, however there were mass killings, Jews there in Germany, and terrible repression and over 20 million killed under Stalin. Or most recently over the last twenty five to thirty years, in Africa, Asia and other areas around the world. Nothing of human nature has changed.

Today there is a mass invasion of peoples coming over the southern border of the United States. Why? What, God doesn't live south of the Border?

During Jesus' day, they came in mass for selfish reasons to see and hear Him and that was short lived.

I am a product of the mass Jesus movement of the late sixities and early seventies rebellion against governing authority.

To have what this conference offers is an insult in my judgment to Godly parents who are inculcating TRUTH, THE ETERNAL GODHEAD TRUTH TO THEIR CHILDREN IN COMMUNITY.

You do not need a massive blitz and add campaign for a father and mother to bear their responsibility to their God given children daily.

So, those speakers and what they speak is TRUE AND TRUTH. What they are attempting to do is grand make no mistake about it.

I was personally involved in many Jesus' Festivals in the seventies and eighties here on the West Coast, serving on steering committees and actually produced two events myself. I had good staff people to pull it off, it took a lot of effort and self sacrifice, but what we wanted accomplished didn't happen and this is exactly the same as what these men are billing and intimating they want to come out of this conference.

However, to reach one soul this way may be expensive, not that that is bad, hey, JESUS singlehandedly defeated Satan so that my lonely soul can spend eternity with those I don't deserve to be with for eternity; it is going to take REVIVAL AT A MORE BASIC LEVEL OF THE BIBLICAL FAMILY, mommy and daddy in Church community!

It is a sad commentary on FAMILY AND FATHERHOOD that children would be asked to come to an event like this one to have imparted things that parents are required of God to impart to their children from the womb until they pass having imparted successfully Christ, leaving a rich heritage of Faith, Hope and Love modeled and lived by Parents in Biblical community inspiring a self-determination by those left behind to continue the Work of bringing this Gospel of the Kingdom to every creature for a witness and then the end shall come.

From what little you can gleen from the snibbits in this promo video, the things alluded too are so valuable and eternal in nature, there must be a lack of parenting being addressed here in the local churches and touched on and called too that there is this ground swell of excitment among the young adults and young married couples of our "CHURCH" GENERATION. Isn't it something God has already set as a model in the Bible that these things are to be taught by parents in Biblical community? And sadly and apparently it is not being taught now in this generation in some evangelical circles of Christian community in the world. This kind of event is not taught in the Bible that this kind of conference is the WAY, the TRUTH and the LIFE.

The way is simple and daily. It is one on one selflessly laying down our lives as a daily sacrifice teaching our young to mature in Christ and live His Life daily in Biblical community bearing up His accountabilities and responsibilities. Matthew 11:25-30.

And why?

Here's Biblical proofs why it is to be done differently than this conference way and this is not to take away from the evangelism of the messages these young married folks and single teenagers and young adults will receive by going to the expense of driving, hitching a ride, flying or railing to be at this conference there in May:::>

Gen 8:21 And the LORD smelled a sweet savor; and the LORD said in his heart, I will not again curse the ground any more for man's sake; for the imagination of man's heart is evil from his youth; neither will I again smite any more every thing living, as I have done.


Pro 22:15 Foolishness is bound in the heart of a child; but the rod of correction shall drive it far from him.

No, no matter how alluring that video is or the conference speakers or their speeches, it is not going to replace basic simple, hard working self-sacrificing daily mentoring putting GOD'S FAITH FIRST WITH HOPE AND LOVE into our children and then holding them accountable and responsible in community for HIM.

God has a plan to do it. Conferences like this on this mega scale just do not provide much more than an opportunity to reinforce family failure in society. hmmmmm, Why don't we get this at home or at Church? hmmmmm

Hope this is not to demeaning or harsh but it does say, LEAVE YOUR COMMENT?


Pastor Timothy said...

Thanks Michael, for your comments. I actually agree at various levels with you.

Conferences like these should not replace the teaching in the home. I view this conference as a reminder of what we know or should already know. I don't know if I'm going to walk away a totally different individual; however, I hope that the message does stir me.

I don't know; however, if conferences like these prove that parents have failed (however, I know that many have). I think people like this because it's TRUTH. If you're God's child, you desire the TRUTH. And, sometimes it helps to hear truth in a different type of setting with believers at a broader scale.

That said, the family and then the local church needs to be the primary disciplers. That's my goal in our youth ministry.

AgapeTheologian said...

I'm very excited for this conference. IT's pumping me up!

Bethany said...

If the introduction video is convicting I can only imagine how the actual conference will be.

Looking very forward to this opportunity.