Monday, March 06, 2006

Busy Day!...PHEW

Well, God got me through the weekend, AND He glorified His name through me. I don't say that to be prideful. I must believe that He used me because I preached the Word/the gospel, and there were many positve comments by godly people. And, I take joy in the fact that God used me (a broken vessel).

In addition to preaching for the two services and at Fountainview, I also had a youth staff meeting yesterday. We talked about how bad all of you teens are and how we can make your lives miserable... *laughing in a scary fashion* HAHAHA! No, not really. But that meeting went well.

Also, we had the JH TnT last night. That was so fun. I was so hyper because of being tired. You should have seen me! (well, maybe not). Anyway, you all have a great week. TTYL....

~ PT2

If you didn't hear my message yesterday, and you'd like to, the MP3 file is on the internet at


AgapeTheologian said...

THE MESSAGE WAS INSANLY AWESOME! Everyone agrees with me! can i get a 'Amen'?

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Anonymous said...

what was it about