Thursday, October 09, 2008

Salt on the Meat

During my message on "The Very Human Jesus", I mentioned that in order to be salt in this world that Jesus called us to be, we need to put ourselves on the meat. My point being that we need to befriend "sinners" - like Jesus did.

After the message, I received a lot of positive comments because people in the business world especially have to make difficult decisions with where they go out to eat, who they talk to, etc. This is difficult for them especially because they want to maintain their Christian testimony. A stay-at-home mom told me the week after my message that she said "yes" to taking time to talk with Jehovah's Witnesses. And, another person told me that they were convicted and needed to find some "sinner" friends because she honestly doesn't have any true friends like that.

That said, there were negative comments wondering how far is too far. Would I say that a Christian should walk into a strip club to witness to people? Personally, I think that's too far and definitely taking Jesus' analogy too far. Although, I can understand a person jumping to that conclusion.

Based on my message alone (i.e. - what I said in the message), how did I show that I don't condone participation in sinful activities? Any comments on this?

Also, do you have thoughts as to what might be okay to do? What have you done in order to be more proactive in befriending sinners?
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Matt Walker said...

Hi Tim. :)

Probably don't remember me, but I was in your group, here in Georgia, at D-Now two years ago.

Great blog, man. I know, in the case of befriending sinners, it's a personal difficulty of mine (and I believe a lot of people) to step out of my personal comfort zone, and speakign to people that are different then me.

Anyway, great post. Hey, I'd love to hear from you, too. Write me sometime.

Oh, and I still tell people what you told me. ;)

'Keep moving forward and looking upward.'