Thursday, August 02, 2007

God's Judgment

I am currently studying the book of Romans. And, I'm trying to do this slowly - savoring words or phrases that God brings to my attention. This morning I was thinking about how I haven't savored Romans 2 like I did the beginning of Romans 1. I knew why. It's because Romans 2 talks so much about judgment. I personally didn't see anything "savory" about the judgment of God. So, this morning, I decided that I would look to God's perfection as I read Romans 2, and this morning I savored specific things from this chapter that I hope will also be an encouragement to you.

" are storing up wrath for yourself on the day of wrath when God's righteous judgment will be revealed" (Rom. 2:5b, ESV).

Think about the phrase "righteous judgment". When you think of God's judgment, what emotion does that evoke in you? Fear? Anger? Joy? Most people would probably tend towards the first two choices. But, think about the original phrase again. Paul says that God's judgment is righteous. All conservative Christians would agree with that statement, but I wonder if they sincerely delight in that truth.

Here is some help in understanding this phrase:

When the Word tells us that the Father's judgment is righteous that means that it is perfect, holy and satisfying. When people are judged and sent to Hell for all eternity, while there might be tears running down God's cheeks (so-to-speak; Ez. 18:23), He will also be satisfied because of His judgment was pronounced in ultimate perfection. And, we saints will also rejoice in the God who executes judgment righteously. On that day, we might have tears with the Father, but we will also praise the One Who knows all and does righteously. There will not be one person on that day who says, "THAT'S NOT FAIR!" Take comfort in that fact.

I trust that knowing this will drive you to the cross of Christ - realizing that you (and this whole world) deserves God's wrath, but instead grants grace to those who trust in His perfect righteousness on their behalf.

Dear Lord, if it wasn't for Christ, Your righteous judgment would be against me. I would be storing up wrath for myself thinking that your patience is a license to sin. But, because of Your great grace, you have lifted me up to be in Christ. Thank You. And, Lord, thank You for allowing me to also rejoice in the way You execute judgment. You are truly the only righteous One, and I praise You for blessing me in Christ.


Natalie Joy said...

hey there! :)
WOW! Yeah, actually I've been reading through Romans two. I really liked your comment about " there may be tears running down God's cheeks". But, yes I do agree that we do NOT have a proper view of the judgment of God. I fail so many times...all the remember He is Holy, everything He does is Holy and perfect...that includes judging me when I fall short. You know?

Well, TTYL hopefully.
God bless

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